4 mistakes Most Reserved All Risk Insurance

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"Don't buy car insurance with premiums that are expensive but its benefits equally comparable baseball needed." Thats what Michael wrote on his Path. Michael comments chimed in indecision Daniel status while insuring his car with the intention of All Risk insurance.

Michael understand correct Daniel again assessed the purchasing insurance to cover the risk of the car without the buttocks, the new Ford Fiesta, a couple of days to settle in his garage. Thus, the guy who got the manager of a hotel in the area of South Jakarta elite to help colleagues.

He does not like to Daniel wrong or even over confidence in buying insurance. Michael would like to share information about the mistakes that ordinary people do in selecting risk protection against the vehicle. That mistake, among others.

The premiums are expensive but not comparable to the benefits or does not match with customer need. The benefits can be fit but paid premiums are more expensive than any other insurance company. Too much take the benefit, but the benefit not necessarily needed so that money is spent so futile. Bought the wrong product, and the benefits no needed at all Think that insurance was the same with investment products where hope when there is no claim, the money could be back.


In addition, Michael would like to also straighten the assumption most people already have all risk insurance. Many people assume all risk insurance that solve all the problems over the events that befall against vehicles and men.

What are the errors of assessment of the person against the all risk insurance could be the added value when selling the cart. That insurance cannot be transferable when the car was recorded there are insurance policies. If the car is sold, then cancel the insurance policy by itself.

Better report to the insurance company to cancel the policy. Even could have negotiated a refund premiums if during the car was insured has never filed a claim. All risk insurance products have more than one double claim, I'll be definitely a waste of money. Although he had two insurers, but will not be able to claim against the insured objects are the same.

Insurance premiums cheaper used cars from new cars are straightened out here, the rate of premium used cars and new cars could be called it makes no difference. Insurance rarely set rate insurance premiums based on the status of the object responsible was the new car or used. Insurance companies set rates based on the market price situation and the prevailing conditions.


Also all risk insurance to cover accessory aftermarket depends. If the insurance policy does not mention the accessory, then by itself does not guarantee admission. Instead, the accessories in the car get in cover if previously reported first about revision or modification against the car. Legal guarantees on third-party auto insurance all incoming risk guarantee the law against third parties does not automatically enter all risk insurance.

If policyholders want to get those things, then it should file a warranty extension of policy. Well, usually the fault of the insurance policyholder is considered automatically bear all risk of loss to a third party. After you know the mistakes people in assessing all risk insurance, Michael hope Daniel could take considerations behind. At least this information can add to the knowledge of the ins and outs all risk insurance policy. Not just for Daniel, but your also.